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Building an App like Gojek - Facts and Figures

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People’s complete reliance on mobile phones gives rise to applications, which helps them to have everything they want at their doorstep. Now apps have taken a new dimension as Super apps.

The concept of super app is pretty simple. Instead of hopping from one app to the other for availing multiple services, the super app allows users to avail every service from a single application. For instance, if you want to book a taxi and wish to order food at the same time, you don’t have to use two different applications. With an app like Gojek, we can avail multiple services from a single application.

With its unique concept, Gojek has become a great hit among people. The company is currently working to raise $2 billion in its ongoing series F fundraiser before the year-end. Started as a super app in Indonesia, it is now handling almost $1.5 billion of transactions outside this country.

After the massive success of this multiservice application, entrepreneurs are planning to launch a similar application. Many companies have started providing app development services. If you wish to enter the lucrative world of super apps, you can easily get a replica of an app like Gojek.

Keeping the business model of Gojek as the base, you can build an application with your business specifications. If you have plans of developing an app like Gojek, make sure to develop it from the experts in the field.

You can follow this link to know more about the cost, time and features you need to include in developing an application like Gojek.

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