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Gojek Clone App - The One of a Kind App for all Your Business Needs

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Multi Service app development

We are living in a world of apps where we can get everything whenever we want and wherever we want. With the arrival of multi-service apps like Gojek, now we can get multiple services from a single solution.

What started as a ride-hailing service has flourished into a multi-service platform which provides services under three main categories such as Ride, Delivery and Other services. The app is a great hit in Indonesia.

Its success inspired entrepreneurs to start a service similar to it. AppDupe, one of the pioneers in app development offers a highly customizable Gojek clone app which helps entrepreneurs to launch an app for their business in no time.

Clone apps are highly beneficial for startups as it helps them to save their time and money. If you’re considering to create a super app for your multi-service business, make sure to contact the right technology partner for your business. I would suggest you to build your app with AppDupe. You can visit this link for more information.

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