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One App For All Your Needs: Gojek Clone App

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The constant quest for an answer to everything has been the relentless pursuit of scientists and technocrats alike. A tool with the capacity to handle multiple utilities is always welcomed by the end users. The same can be said about mobile applications.


Right from ordering dinner to finding a life-partner, there are mobile applications that suit every need. While a lot of companies were thinking about creating exclusive mobile applications for each utility, there was one company in Indonesia that thought the other way round.


Enter GoJek


Gojek needs no introduction in the world of mobile applications. Go-Jek is the Swiss army knife of mobile applications and it pioneered the concept of super apps. It started off as a location-based bike-taxi booking service and it has expanded into some of the most unthinkable territories. It comprises of many services from courier pickup to massage.


Many in One or One for Each?


Given the examples like V-22 Osprey and the Nokia N Gage gaming mobile, it was never thought that combining two utilities would be a good idea. A lot of mobile applications have been developed for different purposes, even if the services are provided by the same company. Uber have kept their food delivery and taxi order applications separate. Amazon has gone a notch higher and has created separate applications for e-commerce, music, and video on demand. These companies have their own success stories for their need of different applications to manage multiple services. .


However, there are a few things that the above-mentioned companies might not have noted. People have an aversion towards disclosing their email/social credentials to many applications for the purpose of logging in. Also, there would not be a need for many users to use all the applications.


Go-Jek being from a third world country like Indonesia, dared to explore the road not taken. In doing so, the company not only achieved a phenomenal magnitude of success but also created the realm of super apps. Go-Jek's suite of applications offers more than 20 different services like e-wallets, online motorcycle taxi services, ride-hailing services to cars, food delivery grocery shopping, courier service, entertainment ticketing, medicine delivery, massage booking, and even fuel delivery.


The List of Products

  • Go-Pay - A digital wallet service that has grown to be the fourth largest digital payment service provider in Indonesia.
  • Go-Ride - The principal ride-hailing application with over 1,000,000 vehicles.
  • Go-Car - Indonesia’s own Uber. A location-based cab service.
  • Go-Food - instant food delivery application which also extends its services to food festivals.
  • Go-Mart - app based grocery shopping supermarket.
  • Go-Send - courier pick-up services.
  • Go-Box - large scale packing and moving solutions.
  • Go-Tix - entertainment ticketing and event ticketing engine.
  • Go-Med - an app facilitating home delivery of prescription medicines.
  • Go-Massage - an application to request personal massages at your home.
  • Go-Clean - home cleaning services available via an app.
  • Go-Glam - the app to request Salon and beauty services
  • Go-Points - the loyalty program for using the services offered by the suite 

The Growth Pattern


The way in which Gojek grew is nothing short of phenomenal. What started as a motorbike taxi service with just 20 drivers in the year 2010 has more than 1 million drivers today. In less than 2 years, the Gojek app reached 230 million downloads.


In 2014, Gojek gained its well-deserved Unicorn status and raised more than the targeted $1.5 billion. It acquired more than 6 different companies in India and Indonesia, and the former set of acquisitions helped establish a Development Centre in Bangalore.


What Made Gojek Different?


When every company adopts the 'demand dictates supply' approach, thanks to the intense capital, Go-Jek reversed the equation and focus more on the supply than the demand. This helped them go aggressive on marketing their services to common customers. Gojek was fully equipped with drivers to handle the surge of users utilizing the app. They were so determined in recruiting drivers that the existing drivers did street-fair style recruitments during basketball games.


All this focus on innovation catapulted Gojek to Rank #17 on the list of '56 Companies that Changed the World' by Fortune. It also had the distinction of being the only Southeast Asian company to be listed in that coveted section.


Gojek created so much of a cultural impact in Indonesia. When the Minister of Transportation banned Go-Jek and other ride-hailing services in May 2018, a large number of Indonesians stood up supporting Go-Jek, with the hashtag #SaveGojek trending across Indonesia. The ban had to be lifted on the same day.


The Rise of All-in-One Services

Gojek pioneered the concept of super applications and has set a trend that is being embraced by entrepreneurs all over the world. A lot of companies are choosing to buy white label Gojek app clones available in the market. This does not only make business sense but also saves a lot of time. It might not be long before what Gojek proved in southeast Asia is replicated all across the globe. Gojek clone app is probably the best solution for people with business interest to capitalize and replicate the success that gave rise to Indonesia's first Unicorn.

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